Forgive me Father, for i have ginned

Add a unique twist to the ubiquitous “gin and tonic”.

We pride ourselves on the fantastic selection of gins available at The Pier House. Our selection have been tried and tested by our in house gin specialists and we know that you will be delighted with the choices we have chosen.

All of our Inspirations are a 50ml serve of our favourite gins from around the world and all accompanied by a recommend Fever-Tree tonic. Feel free to try one of your choice…!

If 3/4 of your gin and tonic is the tonic, make sure you have the best. For this reason we only use Fever-Tree Premium Natural Mixers within our gin and tonics.

Given enough gin, we could rule the world.

We offer a selection of Dry, Citrus & Fruit, Spiced & Aromatic and Sloe & Damson gins.


Juniper rich gin with a clean, clear and crisp finish.

Citrus & Fruit:

Gin that has been distilled with botanicals such as lemon, lime, orange and berries. Sweeter than dry gin with subtle hints of fruit.

Spiced & Aromatic:

Fragrant gin that offers hints of pepper, coriander, thyme and cardamon amongst the earthy herbs and spices.

Sloe & Damson:

Fruit and sugar is added after the distillation process giving a sweeter and lighter tasting gin.

25ml single serve gins are available on request.